The Vehicle Wrapping course will be tailored to specific needs however the following is a content outline for the 2-day course:

Training in our Norfolk Based Wrap Bay.

This Course is a 1 to 1 Course unless you bring a member of staff etc..

Day 1:

Coffee and introduction

  • Car wrapping theory

  • Sales of vehicle wrapping

  • Media storage and handling

  • Media lamination

  • Media types/options

  • Vehicle surface preparation and cleaning

  • Environment

  • Correct tools

  • Conforming vinyl

  • Cutting, trimming and finishing of wrap

  • Question and answer session


  • Workshop hands-on wrap training and design

  • Training Session

  • Practice session - the trainer is on-hand during the practice sessions to offer guidance & advice

  • answer questions and provide assistance



    Day 2:

    The 2nd day is a working training session with extended practice to deliver practical hands-on experience of the theories learnt on day 1. This will allow trainees to apply techniques learnt from the course and to develop their wrapping skills upon their return to work.

    Coffee and welcome

    • Working training session

    • Wrapping of wing mirrors and extreme curves


    • Aftercare of wrap, Ceramic Coating Wraps.

    • Q & A session with photos and videos shown